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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the calaveras fault. so there you go. i didn't feel it. >> no. i don't think a lot of people did actually. >> probably not. >> very small. >> probably sleeping and fairly small. right, roberta? >> well, we had about 10 so far this morning. anywhere from 1.8 to 2.8 and the largest one the 2.8 was right before 4:00 this morning. so i know i live right there. i didn't feel a thing this morning. out the door, we currently have temperatures into the 50s and 60s and late today the big news is, a cooldown under mostly cloudy skies. going to feel muggy. more coming up. san mateo bridge two accidents reported south 880 as you connect over to 92. another one reported at the toll plaza. chp headed out to the scene. other than that everything else is quiet. roadwork westbound 580 at grand. we'll have more coming up. three suspects are due in court this morning in connection with deadly shootings in san francisco and marin county.
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investigators have identified one of them whom they believe pulled the trigger. he is morrison lampley, the man seen in the middle. he is accused of using a stolen gun to shoot audrey carey in san francisco and steve carter near fairfax. the three arrested, lampley has the most serious criminal record which includes drugs and weapons cases. and the three suspects were known to hang out in san francisco's haight neighborhood where drifters and transients are a problem. the line was out the door to community meeting last night to talk about them and kpix 5's mark kelly was there. reporter: >> there has been a growing sense in the community that things have changed over the last 6 or 8 months. >> reporter: that change? drifters transients, vagabonds. whatever you call them, they have the people living near golden gate park glanding police get them out -- demanding police get them out. >> when we ask the police to get them out, they say there's not much we can do. >> reporter: that anger boiled over not once but several
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times. [ yelling ] >> people who have lived here 20 or 30 years and tolerated a lot and are frustrated by what's happening in this neighborhood. >> reporter: most frightening the recent murder of 23-year- old audrey carey in golden gate park. the three suspects fit the description of what this neighborhood says has taken over their streets, drifters. >> i see people who are menacing. they have dogs. they are accosting people. >> reporter: and neighbors say these drifters are often on drugs or committing a crime. >> even if they are selling a $1,500 bike for $20 it allows them to get their next fix and continue. >> reporter: to give you an idea how concerned this neighborhood is, just look at the robberies. last year, there were 56 total. this year already 78. but here, where the summer of love ignited, some worry these drifters are getting too much "hate." >> they can be violent.
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i have seen them be violent. but let's not homogenize everybody. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> san francisco police say the majority of these drifters do not carry guns but they do plan to add more officers on foot patrol in neighborhoods in and around golden gate park. new details about the alleged actions of one of the three santa clara county jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death. sources say hours after mentally ill inmate michael tyree was found dead in his cell last month, jail guard rafael rodriguez made the following internet searches, projectile vomiting just prior to death, punched in the stomach, can he die if someone punches you in the armpit? the victim's attorney spoke after a hearing yesterday. >> still heartbroken and sad and every day miss their brother and in terms of what's going on in the jail, it's interesting to see how the county is going to continue to
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investigate. >> all three guards are out on bail and are due back in court next month. they have not entered a plea. reaction pouring in following the first democratic presidential debate of the campaign season last night in las vegas. reporter danielle knottingham shows us the highlights and who scored the biggest points on the night. >> we're going to win! >> reporter: hillary clinton continued to rally support for her party's nomination moments after delivering her performance in last night's debate. the democratic front-runner sparred with bernie sanders for much of the two-hour event. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. me, too. >> i think what we saw over the 2.5 hours was an aggressive hillary clinton with somebody who, um, took the email issue off the table. >> reporter: sanders scored major points for steering the discussion away from
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controversy and back to the issues. >> none of the five candidates on stage mentioned vice president joe biden who has yet to announce whether he will launch a white house bid. >> reporter: some analysts say the vice president is waiting to see how clinton handles her testimony before the house benghazi committee scheduled for this month. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas. >> even though wasn't on the stage, donald trump still found a way to take part in the debate by live tweeting it, writing sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. and we'll find out later today how many people watched the debate. the first republican debate had a record 24 million viewers. me thinks the ratings weren't quite that high. but it was nice to hear them talk about the issues for a change. >> they were really talking about the issues. it was interesting. >> i have to admit and this is so important to me and i followed along reading the transcripts afterwards, i was watching the cubs game.
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i started watching the mets game after that. i love me some baseball. >> i watched the dodger game, too. >> while doing the laundry and multitasking. i was indoors because it was 102 degrees in pleasanton yesterday. that shouldn't end of the triple digits right here in the bay area throughout the rest of the year. right now, slow to cool down. take a look at these temperatures. anywhere between 63 degrees in pacifica. the cool spot is santa rosa at 56. otherwise, yes, it's nearly 70 in the fairfield area. now, later today, temperatures topping off 70s at the beaches, 80s around the peninsula, mid- 80s still around the santa clara valley. 89 in throughout livermore and temperatures in the north bay in the 60s to th 80s. here's gianna with the traffic report. let's go to the golden gate bridge. we have some foggy conditions on the span so limited visibility. use caution out of marin county into san francisco. 14 minutes from 580 to the
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golden gate bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge this portion looks good but we have reports of an accident westbound just before the toll plaza. another wreck reported south 880 at 92. just a heads up oakland commuters westbound 580 right at grant, that roadwork until 5:30. we are seeing slight delays. no delays at the bay bridge. san jose police hope surveillance photos will help them find a hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian on the city's east side. it happened about 7:00 yesterday morning at north white road and florence court. the victim, a man in his 60s, died at the scene. the suspect vehicle is described as a white full-sized ford pickup with tinted windows, black rims and a loud exhaust. two people are dead after they were struck by bay area commuter trains just after 6 p.m. yesterday. a person was hit and killed by a bart train at the san bruno station. the train was evacuationed, station closed until body was removed. it caused delays for the
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evening commute. less than two hours earlier, in san jose, a pedestrian was struck by a vta light rail train just south of the fruitvale station. the vta says the victim died as rescue crews tried to remove the individual from under the train. investigators don't know why the persons were on the tracks. a showdown is set this morning between the port of san francisco and a restaurant it's trying to evict. at 11:30 a.m. the sheriff's department will change the locks on the building that houses sinbad's restaurant. one of the restaurant owners told the "chronicle" newspaper that is not going to happen. he didn't elaborate. the restaurant owners have been in a long legal battle with port officials, who want to replace the eatery with and expanded ferry terminal. former pro basketball player lamar odom is hospitalized after he was found unconscious at a sierra nevada brothel. the sheriff of the county says he had to be transported by ambulance to a hospital in las
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vegas yesterday about 70 miles away. at 6'10" he was just too tall for the helicopter that was available. there is no word on his condition at this hour. he retired from the nba in 2013. time now 4:39. up in flames. halloween costumes on fire at a bay area walmart. why police say this was no accident. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. michelle and i will be right back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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plane crashed into a mobilee park. it happened yesterday afternoon in l in florida. search continues for more victims after a small plane crashed into a mobile home park. it happened yesterday afternoon in lake worth. surveillance footage captured the plane moments before it came. one person was outside his home when the plane hit it. [ speaking spanish ] >> i heard the motor sounded bad and then it came boom fell
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on top of the house. >> his 21-year-old daughter was in the room at the time. she is believed to be one of two victims already found in the rubble. officials don't know how many people were on the plane. ntsb investigators are on the scene this morning. a frightening scene at a walmart star in san leandro. as kpix 5's mark sayre reports, the man is accused of setting fire to halloween costumes. reporter: this video captures the end of a three- hour odyssey inside the store. police say store surveillance video captured man inside as early as 10 a.m. likely pouring lighter fluid around the store before igniting costumes in the halloween aisle. >> security officers inside the store sauce a suspicious man and -- saw a suspicious man pushing a shopping cart. they saw a container in the cart that was leaking liquid. >> reporter: authorities received multiple 911 calls from inside the store and the fire department pulled some of the burned costumes outside of
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the store as part of their investigation. this interior video was captured by shopper paul miller, who told us by phone he was just in the store shopping for his children when he saw the flames suddenly erupt and a man standing nearby. he shot just a few seconds of video of the flames before running outside. another shopper was inside the store earlier and shuddered at the thought of what could have happened. >> it's kind of scary though. >> reporter: police say the accelerant used was lighter fluid and that the man actually took it from the garden section inside the store. >> this entire incident is captured on the store video here at walmart. >> reporter: at this point, police say they don't have a motive in the case and nobody was injured. in san leandro, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. police say a 40-year-old man is in custody. so far, they are not releasing his name. california will not go ahead with a plan that would have allowed some inmates with violent histories to fight
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fires. public safety concerns were raised by critics including unions that represent professional firefighters. the state still plans to include certain nonviolent inmates who have up to seven years remaining on their sentences. the number of inmate firefighters has fallen in recent years because more offenders are being sent to county jails instead of state prisons. >> we're looking two, three, four, five years down the road. we know that eventually, the pool of inmates that we have to pick from is going to get even smaller than it has in the last couple of years. >> the state department of corrections says it will continue to search for ways to increase the pool. currently about 3800 inmates assist firefighters on the front lines. a new field poll suggests most californians are taking the drought very seriously. the poll shows 76% of state voters consider the state's water situation extremely serious. 58% say the drought is affecting their families a great deal. and, of course, in the central valley that number is higher
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with 70% saying their families have been affected a great deal. >> it is affecting everyone. and someone who is really good in this drought is roberta because she takes these three minute military showers. that's what happens when you grow up in a military family. you just follow orders, right? >> do you follow orders? >> sometimes. [ laughter ] >> my son definitely does not. now what i did? i got one of those egg timers and put it in his bathroom so he can see when it goes off. he still runs through it. but we still have light rain a chance of it in the forecast on saturday. good morning, everybody. today this is what you can expect. partly cloudy conditions all day through the evening hours. it will continue to be cloudy all the way through about friday. here's the deal right now. we do have this area of low pressure. it has been for the last 11 days off the southern california coastline. and you can see that green precipitation associated with that area of low pressure getting closer and closer to
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los angeles area. it will lift up in a northerly fashion. it will impact the central portion of the state right around the santa barbara area to san luis obispo in the form of some clouds and scattered showers. the possibility of a thunderstorm. and i'm going to put a chance of a sprinkle in our forecast today. that's about it, as it continues to lift up to the north and fall apart at the seams. so basically, the hot weather is finished after topping off yesterday in the triple digits. next upstream is an area of low pressure to the north of the bay area. this will slide closer and closer to the bay area over the weekend. cloud cover is anticipated with that slight chance of rain showers. here's how i'm playing out our temperatures today. 70s at the beaches. down from the high 80s yesterday. 80s around the peninsula down from the 90s experienced on tuesday. 85 degrees in morgan hill. 90 in the gilroy area east of the bay the warmest temperatures should top off near 90 degrees down from 102 yesterday in the livermore area. 60s, 70s and 80s common across the northern portion of the bay
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area and then up we go to 96 degrees in ukiah, hot there, temperatures down by tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast. cooler each day with the slight chance of rain showers on saturday. up next on deck, here's gianna. thank you, roberta. let's head to hayward right now. we have a couple of accidents brewing out there first one reported southbound 880 just past 92. two cars tangled up on the right side of the road. it's early not a lot of cars traveling on 880 right now through hayward so no delays. towards the san mateo bridge this morning, another wreck reported right before the toll plaza. that's not slowing you down either but just a heads up. if you are heading across the span, so far traffic is quiet, 13 minutes on 92 between 880 and 101. the delays on the flip side heading into hayward. a look at approaches to the bay bridge now, we are seeing some yellow here on our sensors so some slow-and-go speeds as you work your way westbound 580 near grand. that roadwork in effect all week long. they are hoping to have it
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wrapped up at least by 5:00 this morning. looks like we're seeing some delays there. but things are clear at the bay bridge toll plaza no delays there. you're clear across the span into san francisco. eastshore freeway looks good so far. not seeing too much on the golden gate bridge right now. it's a little foggy but your drive time still good southbound 101, 580 to the toll plaza, 14 minutes. back to you. here's a big incentive to buy tesla's new model x. it's a tax loophole that could save tens of thousands of dollars. but as kpix 5's julie watts reports, critics say it's just another big break for the wealthy. >> you have to step into the car if you want. you can jut put your child down in the child seat. >> reporter: it's efficient, all-electric and pricy. but it turns out the tesla model x comes with a tax loophole big enough to drive a -- well, model x through. >> i don't think it's a loophole because you're following the tax code. >> reporter: but the cpa says the tax code based on the
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economic stimulus act of 2008 may give you a $20,000 discount on one of these. the catch? you have to own a business. >> well, the law that congress passed was to encourage business spending and to stimulate the economy. >> reporter: for farm equipment, heavy machinery. >> equipment used in a business. >> reporter: so should a luxury vehicle be considered equipment? >> it qualifies as equipment if it's over 6,000 pounds and at the time, i think congress didn't realize that the suv market would explode like this. >> reporter: depending on their tax bracket, business owners who buy a heavy car can qualify up to $15,000 savings intended for heavy equipment and tesla's suv also requests for the electric vehicle tax credits taking off another $10,000. >> congress needs to clean it up. >> reporter: steve ellis of taxpayers for common sense says that means clarifying the tax code. >> there's is doing fine on its own so we don't need to be stimulating people buying more
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teslas. >> reporter: in order to qualify for the tax break, you do need to use the car for business more than 50% of the time. tesla declined to comment other than to say, quote, we stay away from offering tax advice and individuals should consult with a tax professional. in burlingame, julie watts, kpix 5. >> the tax break is not exclusive to tesla. it's also been called a hummer of a tax break because it applies to any car more than 6,000 pounds. time now is 4:50. an act that helps you fight parking tickets -- an app that helps you fight parking tickets is in a fight with san francisco claiming local businesses block access to their sites. coming up. ,,,,
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is ,, ,,,,,,,,
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4:53 on this wednesday, "hump day." it's october 14. temperatures coming down today. it will still be warm approaching 70 at the beaches. increasing cloud cover turning muggy around the peninsula into the mid-80s. humid morgan hill. 90 degrees gilroy. high humidity into the high 80s under a mostly cloudy skies. and, in fact, increasing cloud cover to the north of the bay bridge today into the 60s, 70s and good morning, novato, at 58 degrees. upstream we go 95 cloverdale. good morning from the traffic center. first reports of a big rig on fire northbound 680 right at highway 4. it is off to the right side plus we're seeing some delays due to roadwork. northbound 680 near marshview and parish so look out for that. 4:54. hundreds of drivers for the ridesharing service uber plan to stay off the roads this weekend. uber drivers are independent contractors not employees but they are calling the move a strike. the organizer says 1200 drivers
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plan to take part nationwide. they want the company to raise rights by 60%, add a tip option and boost minimum fares. smartphone user can no longer use the app fix to contest parking tickets. fix says san francisco, oakland and los angeles have blocked their access to important websites forcing them to suspend services. fix says they can't fax the san francisco municipal transit agency. but the sfmta tells a different story. >> they can submit protests online and bring us hard copies and still work with us to do that and operate their business if they choose to. we didn't request the change from xerox to block them. >> xerox is the company that operates the websites for san francisco, oakland and l.a. sfmta says it only asks for bulk email messages to be stopped. as soon as twitter announced it would slash 8% of
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its workforce some tech companies flooded the social media site to recruit laid off workers. yesterday's their ceo said they would lay off 300 employees. the downsizing comes as twitter is restructuring its engineering organization. ceo jack dorsey made the announcement on twitter. he tweeted, made some tough but necessary decisions that enable twitter to move with greater focus and reinvest in our growth. some have complained the firings were handled insensitively. one engineer got news about the termination on twitter. he got an error message and couldn't log on. he later posted another tweet that said the company did leave him a voicemail. defense attorneys are downplaying murder solicitation charges against raymond "shrimp boy" chow, a figure in san francisco's chinatown. according to federal prosecutors, chow saw the to have a manage killed the former leader of chow's community organization an allegation that
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chow denies including in a kpix 5 interview. >> do you know who killed alan lung? >> no. i have hurt people a lot but those people i believe they deserve it. >> the man was killed in 2006. prosecutors also tied chow to another murder in 2013. his attorneys say they are not concerned about the new charges. >> we have looked at the disclosures from the government in this case it's the best news we could get because the evidence they disclose shows how weak the case is. >> chow already faces racketeering charges in a wide ranging corruption scandal. leland yee a former state senator from san francisco was among those caught in the probe. yee pleaded guilty to taking bribes. the three murder suspects known as drifters are set to appear in court this morning. coming up, what police say about which one of the three may have pulled the trigger in two murders. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, october 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on this wednesday. two men and a woman are expected in court this morning in connection with murders in san francisco and marin county and kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live in san rafael with the latest on who investigators believe actually fired the shots. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. investigators believe one of the three is the one that fired those shots in both murders but all three will be arraigned here this morning at 9 a.m. in the meantime, they are all waking up in jail. the three were extradited from oregon earlier this week where investigators say they were driving the car of one of the victims full of the possessions of the other. and they have identified the suspect whom they believe did
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pull the trigger. he is morrison lampley, the man seen in the middle. he is accused of using a stolen gun to shoot audrey carey in san francisco's golden gate park and steve carter on a hiking trail near fairfax. lampley has the most serious criminal past of the three including drugs and weapons charges. the suspects hung out in the haight neighborhood. police call them drifters. last night there was a community meeting to


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